CHESSAGON® is like traditional Chess, but with Triangles! Highlighted possible moves makes it easy to learn the rules. Play the computer or a friend, or auto-match another player online today with your iOS mobile device!

CHESSAGON® is a chess variant based on a hexagonal board of dark and light triangles. It has all the standard chess pieces you would expect: King, Queen, Knight Bishop, Rook, and Pawn; plus a new piece called the Duke. The rules adhere to a purist interpretation of traditional Chess rules, but on a hexagonal board of 96 triangles instead of 64 squares; with the pieces moving on six axes instead of four. The Duke is similar to a Bishop or a Rook in that it is able to move in straight lines across the board. The Knight can move to any of 12 spaces. The Queen moves like a combination of the Duke, the Bishop, and the Rook. The King can move one space in any of 12 directions. The number of pawns has been increased to create an appropriate wall of pawns protecting each side.

With possible moves highlighted at each turn, it is easy to learn the game. There is also a help tutorial within the game to describe and demonstrate the way each piece moves and captures.

The game includes multiple modes of play, including:

– Single Player vs the Computer

– Local Two-Player

– Online Two-Player

Online players are ranked according to the Glicko rating system.

If you have an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch; and would like to participate in future beta testing, please use our Contact Us page to tell us who you are and that you would like to be a participant.